Central Library

The heart of our institution.

Library - the heart of our institutioin

  1. Maximum automation in library affairs
  2. 200+ e-journals can be accessed
  3. Establishment of Internet Center for students & faculty
  4. Inter-library Loan System facility to other colleges and institutions.
  5. Active O.P.A.C. System
  6. Guidance in respect of technical and organizational matters relating to libraries is extended, when asked for.
  7. Lists of prominent books added to the library are circulated to concerned Departments of the University.

Our academic library's purpose is to support the teaching and research of the institution and to provide students with most updated knowledge with current on-goings in the society and scientific world. The library holds a huge collection of books, periodicals, subscribed journals and magazines, online resources, etc.

Library provide intra-net O.P.A.C. Service where students can pre-book the books, magazines, articles, etc.

Library Services

  • Books Lending Service
  • Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
  • Reading room facilities
  • Inter-library Loan Services
  • Reference Service
  • Current Awareness Service
  • Book Bank Service
  • Reprographic Service

Library @ a Glance

1. Floor area of the library 850 sq. m.
2. Total Collection
         Titles 5108
         Volumes 16746
3. Total Subscribed Journals
         Print Journals 55 (Indian)
         Online Journals

Science Direct (e-journals )

Delnet, NDL

N-List (Inflibnet)

National Digital Library

4. Off-Line Journals 339 CD Form (Foreign Journals)
5. CDs / DVD ROMs 140
6. Thesis 906
7. Bound Volumes
         Titles 75
         Volumes 647
8. Total Cost of the Library Rs. 86.78 Lakh
9. Method of Classification D.D.C. (19th Ed.)
10. Method of Cataloguing OPAC (Online)
11. Library Automaton Libsys Software
12. Seating Capacity 250 chairs

Library Timings

Library Working Hours07.30am to 07.00pm
Lunch period12.30pm to 01.00pm

Library Advisory Committee

Sr. No.NameDesignationPosition
1Dr. Surana S. J. PrincipalChairman
2Dr. Nerkar P. P Asso. ProfessorMember
3Mr. Khan M. G. Asst. ProfessorMember
4Mrs. Mandan S. S. Asst. ProfessorMember
5Miss. Gajbhiye R MAsst. Professor Member
6Mr. Patil P. S.Asst. Professor Member
7Mr. Rathod RaosahebStudent Member
8Mr. Rathi Shubham S.Student Member
9Mr. Chaudhari Snehal B.Student Member
10Ms. Patil Virshree S.Student Member
11Ms. Patil PoojaStudent Member
12Ms. Jain Varsha R.Student Member
13Mr. Mali N. A. LibrarianSecretary

Staff @ Library

Sr. No. Name SnapshotQualification
1.Mr. Mali Nitin A.
M.A. , M.Lib. & Inf. Sci.
2.Mr S. Y. Dahiwal
(Assistant Librarian)
3.Shirsath Manoj B.
4.Mali Anand M.
(Attendant )

Library Organization Chart

Library Organization Chart

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