Central Library

The heart of our institution.

Library Rules

  1. All students should register their names & signature in the “Student Visitor Register” while entering the library. Faculty members and visitors should make the entry in staff register.
  2. The student should keep their bags in the baggage section and not in the reading room.
  3. Students and faculty members should preserve their belongings or valuables; in case of loss he/she would be solely responsible.
  4. All the students must use their library card & student card in order to avail the library facilities.
  5. Issued books must be submitted on or before of submission dates.
  6. Do not put the circulars or notices on library notice board without prior permission from librarian.
  7. Do not write / scribble on any furniture or wall of the library. Any student found doing so will be fined and punished.
  8. Reference books will be available only in reading room and issued on the student card. Students are not allowed to take a reference book outside.
  9. For B. Pharm & D. Pharm students two books issued for five days.
  10. M. Pharm student’s maximum five books will be issued for ten days.
  11. For the faculty members fifteen books will be issued for fifteen days.
  12. For renewal purpose student will have to present personally along with the book.
  13. The renewal of book will be done only once.
  14. If particular book is not available, student can reserve the book through OPAC system.
  15. Those students who are appearing for competitive exam (GATE/TOEFL/MBA/GRE etc), two books will be issued.
  16. Journals / Periodicals will not be issued outside the Library.
  17. If books are not returned or renewed within the specific date, fine per day will be collected form student.
  18. Some reference books (Except Pharmacopoeia & Govt. Publications) will be issued on an overnight or weekend basis to M. Pharm. Students and faculty members.
  19. If library book is lost by the borrower, he/she will have to pay amount double the cost of book or replace the book.
  20. Mishandling, tearing of books or underlining with pen or pencil will not be tolerated.
  21. All Journals / Periodicals should be kept in their respective place after use.
  22. Students are not allowed to remove the newspaper from newspaper stands.
  23. Do not enter into the stack room without prior permission.
  24. All the borrowers should obey the above mentioned rules.

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