Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

"We are Pharmacists"

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

“Imagining, Discovering and Analysing New Drug Entities”

Since its inception in 2002, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry is involved in catering the needs of various pharmaceutical industries and institutions.


  1. To provide knowledge of pharmaceutical chemistry about physicochemical properties of chemical entities, their reactions and mechanisms useful in the area of drug discovery and analysis.
  2. To incorporate competency in the area of drug discovery by providing hands-on training about operating of various updated software viz . Schrödinger, V-life.
  3. To nurture the students in the field of pharmaceutical analysis by proving expertise pertaining to sophisticated instruments viz. HPLC, HPTLC, FT-IR, GC , UV-Spectrophotometer.
  4. Finally, to position the perfectly mellow students in the pharmaceutical field.

Facilities at a Glance

Central Instrumental laboratory equipped with major notable sophisticated instruments
  1. HPLC with PDA detector (Shimadzu, Japan)
  2. HPLC with PDA detector and column oven (Shimadzu, Japan)
  3. HPLC with UV-detector (Shimadzu )
  4. HPTLC (Camag, Switzerland)
  5. Gas Chromatograph- 17A (Shimadzu, Japan)
  6. FT-IR-Spectrophotometer -8400S ( Shimadzu )
  7. UV / Visible -Spectrophotometer-2450 (Shimadzu, Japan )
  8. UV / Visible -Spectrophotometer-160 ( Shimadzu, Japan )
  9. Digital weighing balance (Shimadzu )

Drug Discovery Laboratory is empowered with
  1. Schrödinger Software
  2. V-Life software
Pharmaceutical Chemistry laboratories are accoutre with
  1. Fuming hood
  2. Rotary vacuum evaporator (Buchi, German )
  3. Catalyst Microwave Oven (Raga, India)
  4. Carousal Stirring hot plate ( Radley, UK)
  5. Digital melting point Apparatus ( India )
  6. Flame photometer ( India )
  7. Karl Fischer titrator (India)

Research Sequel

It gives us an immense pride to present scientific sequel of our department. Most of our faculties are occupied in the various facets of research activities. Department is honoured with research grant of more than Rs. 65 lakhs from various funding agencies such as UGC, AICTE, DST, NMU, Jalgaon etc. Department quality of research can be accessed through its larger number of publications i.e. more than 300 research paper in the reputed National and International Journals with google citation index more than 1800. The H–index of total research work of faculties accomplished more than 70. Faculties authored more than 16 books through various publishing agencies and witnessed their presence in the consultancy services particularly...

  1. Development of Analytical and Bioanalytical Methods
  2. Validation of Analytical and Bioanalytical Methods
  3. Stability Studies of Drugs and Impurity Profiling
  4. Synthesis and biological evaluation of new chemical entities as antidiabetic, anticancer anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, anti- microbial.
  5. Synthesis of Pro-drugs and study for biological activities

Research Projects

Department has successfully completed one major research project and another is in progress. Also, few minor research projects have been successfully completed so far and many are in progress.

Seminar / Conferences / Workshop / Staff development Program

Department has successfully organized three conferences, one staff development program and one workshop funded by different agencies.


  1. North Maharashtra University has awarded degree in M.Pharmacy to more than 140 students.
  2. More than 15 alumni have completed their Ph.D.
  3. Our alumni are associated with premier pharmaceutical industries and institutions in various capacities.

Achievements, Awards and Honours

  1. Our 11 M.Pharm students bagged Gold Medal at university examination.
  2. Faculty members have received Ph.D. best thesis award from Eli Lily Ranbaxy.
  3. Student received best thesis award in Pharma innova Competition.
  4. Faculty got best poster presentation award at APTI–2014 convention conducted at Pune
  5. Nine faculty members have completed their Ph.D and rest of the faculty members have registered for Ph.D. Also, one faculty member has completed his post doctoral research.
  6. Three faculty members have presented their research work at international Conferences held at Switzerland, Dubai.