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Program Outcomes

1. Pharmacy Knowledge: The graduate student shall exhibit knowledge in the field of pharmacy and allied subjects of life sciences.

2. Planning Ability: The graduate students will exhibit ability of understanding, and offer remedial solutions in pharmaceutical industries, health sectors.

3. Problem Analysis: The graduate students will exhibit the ability to conduct, analyze and understand the scientific data of pharmaceutical industries in area of Manufacturing, Quality control, Quality Assurance, Marketing Management and Clinical Research.

4. Modern Tool Usage: The graduate students will exhibit the ability to learn, select and apply appropriate procedure, resources in the area of Manufacturing, Marketing and Quality control. The graduate students will implement newly implemented software to solve the problems in the above areas.

5. Leadership Skills: The graduate students will exhibit the ability to understand and consider the human reply , leadership and team building as and when the planning changes which is required for accomplishment in the area of Manufacturing, Marketing and Quality control and Assurance, practice , professional and societal responsibilities.

6. Professional Identity: Understand, analyze and communicate the value of their professional roles in society (e.g. health care professionals, promoters of health, educators, managers, employers, employees).

7. Pharmaceutical Ethics: The graduate students shall maintain the high professional identity and render the services in the society as per the ethics and moral value given in Pharmacy oath and pharmaceutical jurisprudence

8. Communication: The graduate students will be able to communicate the policies of the industries, academic and healthcare departments to the society through effective communication through verbal and written.

9. Pharmacist and Society: The graduate students will apply reasoning informed appropriate knowledge to improve the drug safety and action through patient counseling.

10. Environment and Sustainability. The graduate students will understand and communicate the importance of professional pharmacy practice solutions in society and environmental issues.

11. Lifelong learning: The graduate students will exhibit confidence for self education and ability for lifelong learning.

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