Dear Students,
It’s a great pleasure to share with you that RCPIPER is now providing an opportunity to its students to enrol for the courses developed by CASI Global, New York, USA. It’s a joint endeavour undertaken by KBC NMU, Jalgaon and CASI Global. This access to the internationally renowned online courses is a unique opportunity for all our students.

In the 21st century, knowledge is expanding at exponential rate and the boundaries and walls between the subjects and specializations are rapidly dissolving. With the advent of internet and online courses, the learners are now free to enrol to the courses of their choice and assimilate the knowledge of their domain of interest. Today, the subject specific knowledge and skills are considered as basic requirement and it is expected that the candidate seeking a job must acquire additional skills that make him/her more employable. This value addition to the routine education has now become easily accessible and students can enhance their employability skills through online learning.

CASI-global has brought us multiple online courses developed by the internationally recognized faculty members. These self-paced courses will enable students to acquire the skills at their leisure. It’s a privilege for all the students of RCPIPER that CASI-global is providing us an opportunity to enrol to the courses specifically designed considering the needs of Pharmacy students including Leadership certificate; Global student associate; Advance Science Certification; Confidence Booster Programme; Certificate in Digital marketing and many more. I welcome all the aspirants to enrol for these courses as per personal likings. Our faculty members will further support every student to successfully navigate through the content of these courses.

My wholehearted wishes for the success to everyone who has an inkling for getting better equipped for the challenges of professional career. Wish you all the best for joint CASI-Global, New York online courses.

Dr. S. J. Surana

R. C. Patel Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research, Shirpur