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About Hostels

Hostel life has a charm of its own. You may come out the familiar surroundings of your dear ones and enter a new world of strangers, who are experiencing the same dilemmas as you. However some basic etiquette can make your hostel life a memorable experience in the  campus.

There are two hostels for boys and two hostels for girls of a capacity 200 each. The hostels are situated within the Institute campus. The hostels will be shortly provided with Internet connection through the optic fiber network. The hostel mess with a large seating capacity caters nutritious and delicious fare at very reasonable rates.


  • Separate hostel facilities for boys and girls.
  •  Rooms are well ventilated with bed, table, chair, fan and almirahs. Internet Wi-Fi Fecility.
  • Hostels are situated in the city where all facilities like bank, grocery stores, book and stationary shops.
  •  STD / ISD Telephone Facilities are available
  •  Exclusive uninterrupted study room for students after college hours
  •  Mineral water provided to all the rooms
  •  Well equipped Gym ( Boys and Girls separately)
  • The girl’s hostel can accommodate 500 girls at a time in three different Ladies Hostels
  • Basic recreation and sport facilities. (Table Tennis, I Carrom, Cricket, Tennis and Gym)
  • TV Room, STD booth provides students with homely atmosphere that strengthen the feeling of belongingness.
  • Solar water heater provides hot water through out the year
  • Aqua guard RO system chilled water is provided for drinking purpose.
  • The mess with large sitting capacity provides nutritious and delicious food at reasonable rate.
  • Overall these hostels are as cozy as your home.


  1. Issue of accommodation request form from respective colleges.
  2. Filling up of accommodation request form.
  3. Submit accommodation request form to the respective rectors.