Nurturing the skills and capabilities for drug discovery, development and regulatory affairs


Since its inception in 2003, the department of Pharmacology has flourished into a centre of excellence in the academic activities. Till date, more than 150 students have completed post-graduation from this department. All the alumni of this department are successfully pursuing their careers in Pharma industry, government jobs and academia. The department has well experienced staff of 2 professors, 2 associate Professors and 6 assistant professors. Three of these faculty members are approved PhD guides and are actively involved in the Pharmacological research and have substantially contributed to the advancement of the Pharmacological sciences in the form of more than 50 research publications, novel teaching aids, alternatives to animal use, and 2 patents.

The departmental staff has received more than 1.5 Crore rupees research grant from different national and international funding agencies.

The department is well equipped with ultramodern research facilities. It includes cell culture laboratory (Class 10000 aseptic area), biosafety cabinet, CO2 incubator, Microplate spectrophotometer, inverted fluorescence microscope, cooling centrifuge), CNS pharmacology laboratory (AnyMaze video tracking system, Stereotaxy apparatus, complete setup for immunohistochemistry, digital miscroscopy system), Autacoid Pharmacology laboratory (Digital Plethysmometer, Digital Von-Frey Apparatus for tactile allodynia measurement), CVS screening laboratory (Powerlab Data acquisition system), Respiratory Pharmacology laboratory (Hugo-Sacch Whole Body plethysmography), isolated tissue setup (I-Worx digital data acquisition system) and a CPCSEA registered animal house facility.






·         Innovative Teacher Award from MHRD, Govt. of India (Dr. C. R. Patil)

·          Young Scientist Award from CCRH, Ministry of AYUSH, Govt of India (Dr. C. R. Patil)

·          Research Grant: EMR- 34 Lakhs (Dr. S. N. Goyal)

·         Zee 24 Taas-Young Innovator Award (In first five)-2018 (Mr. U. B. Mahajan)

·          Early Career Research Award from SERB-DST- 39 Lakhs (Mr. U. B. Mahajan)

·         APJ Abdul Kalam Young Researchers Award: 2018 (Dr. K. R. Patil)


·         “ Prof .O.D .Gulati Prize” for Best Cardiac Research in India at IPSCON-2015, Rajkot (Mr. U. B. Mahajan)

·          Indian Patent on antiarthritic herbal composition (Dr. C. R. Patil; Dr. K. R. Patil)

·          A research paper in Scientific Reports of NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP with 5.69 Impact

·          Lead guest editor for peer reviewed Journals like PPAR Research, Hindawi Publishers

·          AYUSH EMR scheme funding of 10.5 Lakhs (Dr. C. R. Patil)


·         Research grants of more than 40 Lakhs from ICMR and DST

·          Oral presentation on “Software controlled experimental animal mannequins at 8th World congress on alternative animal use in life sciences in Montreal Canada (Dr. C. R. Patil).

·          Indian Patent on process of extraction of potential phytocomponents (Dr. C. R. Patil).

·          Best Poster Award at IPS-Bangalore (Dr. C. R. Patil).

·         Winner at 11th State Level Inter-university Research Convention, “Avishkar 2016” (Dr. K. R. Patil)


·         Online publication of a software and entitled ‘XcologyPro’ (Elsevier) (Dr. C. R. Patil)

·          “ Prof .O.D .Gulati Prize” for Best Cardiac Research in India at IPSCON-2014 Bangalore (Mr. U. B. Mahajan)

·          Young Scientist Award at Tokyo, Japan (Dr. C. R. Patil)

·          Best Poster Award at 7th World Congress at Rome, Italy (Dr. C. R. Patil)

·         Winner 10th State Level Inter-university Research Convention, “Avishkar 2015” (Dr. K. R. Patil)


To be in tune with the cutting edge technologies in teaching and research and to enable the students to lead the drug discovery and development and regulatory processes


  1. To develop facilities to train the learners in conventional and modern pharmacological techniques related to drug development
  2. To generate a knowledge base on Pharmacological testing to provide easily accessible to the learners
  3. To equip the students with required skills and capabilities to successfully lead a professional career in pharmacology, toxicology, safety pharmacology, and regulatory affairs.


  • Strengthening of pharmacology education through the implementation of modern pedagogy methods.
  • Development of student’s interest in the field of pharmacology and their motivation to perceive successful career in pharmacology.
  • Emphasis on the developmental of collaborative research and educational programmes with international universities and government or semi-government departments.
  • Fostering the research at the department through the department-industry interaction and collaborative research.
  • Creation of internal revenue through research and academic consultancies.
  • To establish the state of art research facilities with ultramodern equipments and appropriate infrastructure.
  • Improved initiatives to fetch grants from the various funding agencies.
  • Increased teacher-student and alumni interaction to raise the placement and entrepreneurship opportunities.