Sr. NoName of the InvestigatorTitle of the project and durationFunding AgencyLink to funding agencyAmount sanctioned (in Lakhs)Year
1Dr S J
2Dr S J SuranaPharmacological Evaluation of Propis Cineraria for its hypolipidemic activityAICTEhttps://www.aicte-india.org17.62018
3Dr H S MahajanMinimally invasive micro needle based system for diagnosis and treatment of ocular tuberculosisDST, SERBhttps://www.serbonline.in23.52018
4Dr. M. S. GhodkeSynthesis and pharmacological screening of novel azetidinones as potential anti-convulsant agents.VCRMS 0.752017
5Dr.H.M.PatelDesign and Synthesis of Mutant T790M EGFR- Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors as Potential Anti-CANCER AgentsDST-SERB (Young scientist award)https://www.serbonline.in21.082016
6Dr.A. B.MundadaSynthesis and bioevaluation of 2- Substituted, 2,7- disubstituted-5- Methoxy-indoles derivativesUGC New Delhi (Minor)
7Mr.S.B.GanorkarDesign of Experiments Assisted forced Degradation Studies and Organic Impurity ProfilingUGC New Delhi (Minor)
8Ms. Y.B. WaniPhoto-stability study of API in Pharmaceutical Dosage form in Presence of PhotocatalystUGC New Delhi (Minor)
9Mr. S.D. FirkeDesign Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Sulphonamide derivativesUGC New Delhi (Minor)
10Mr. A. S. PatilUltra- Performance Liquid Chromatography into Practice for Studies on Analysis of Drugs in Pharmaceutical FormulationsUGC New Delhi (Minor)
11Dr.A.A.ShirkhedkarStudies on High- Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography-MS Analysis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients in Pharmaceutical FormulationsUGC New Delhi (Minor)
12Md. M.G. KhanRP-HPLC Analysis and bioanlysis of drugs in pharmaceutical dosage formulationUGC New Delhi (Minor)
13Ms. M. L. JadhavImplementation of Quality by Design(QbD) Approach to the Analytical and Bionalytical Methods Development for the Estimation of Active —UGC New Delhi (Minor)
14Dr. S. C. KhadseSynthesis and Evaluation of Small thiazolyl and Indolyl Benzamides as Potential Antidiabetic agentsUGC New Delhi (Minor)
15Mr. V. G. UgaleThe Discovery of Quinazolines as Potential Gly-NMDA receptor Antagonist; a Combination of Pharmacophore Modelling, Virtual Screening and Molecular Docking StudiesVCRMS, NMU 0.582015
16Mr. S. B. GanorkarApplication of Experimental Design Approaches as Part of Quality by Design for HPLC Analysis; an Effort to Minimize Cost, Time and To Maximize EfficiencyVCRMS, NMU 0.402015
17Mr. P. J. ChaudhariInsilico Design and Synthesis of N-Heterocyclic Compounds as Anti-cancer AgentsVCRMS, NMU 0.452015
18Dr. V.K.RedasaniStability- Indicating Development and Validation of Assay Method for Bulk Drug and Formulation along with its Application in 1Dissolution by HPLCVCRMS, NMU 0.452015
19Dr.A. A. ShirkhedkarEstablishment of Novel, Simple, Economic, Stability-Indicating Methods for Analysis of Some Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) with Application of HPLCVCRMS, NMU 0.602014
20Dr. P. S. JainDevelopment and Validation of Stability Indicating Analytical Methods with Study of Degradants of New Drugs in Pharmaceutical FormulationVCRMS, NMU 0.602014
21Dr. A. A. ShirkhedkarSeminar Grant: Recent Advances in Analytical ChemistryAICTE (Seminar Grant)https://www.aicte-india.org1.002012
Sr. NoName of the InvestigatorTitle of the project and durationFunding AgencyLink to funding agencyAmount sanctioned (in Lakhs)Year
1.Ms. Monika OlaDevelopment and evaluation of formulation containing Anti-TB drugs.VCRMS 0.752017
3.Dr. H. S. MahajanUGC-Research AwardUGC New Delhi (Major)
4.Dr. P.P. IgePreparation and Evaluation of Vaginal/ Rectal drug delivery system for prevention of HIVUGC New Delhi (Minor)
5.Ms. R.D. GaikwadFormulation and Evaluation of Anti- sunburn preparation with silver nanoparticles from cynododatilum leaf extractUGC New Delhi (Minor)
6.Mr. C.V. PardeshiDevelopment of Novel Nano carriers for nose to brain drug deliveryUGC New Delhi (Minor)
7.Mr.R.O.SonawaneDesign and Evaluation of Extended Release Pellets for Chronotheraphy of Rhumatoid ArthritisUGC New Delhi (Minor)
8.Mrs. Monika OlaFormulation and Evaluation of Liquid Crystal based drug delivery SystemUGC New Delhi (Minor)
9.Dr. A. P. GorleEffect of Penetration Enhancer on Release of Paracetamol From Transdermal Patch.UGC New Delhi (Minor)
10.Dr. Y.O. AgrawalDevelopment of Methotrexate Nanostructured Lipid Carriers for Topical Treatment of Psoriasis Optimization, Evaluation and Clinical Studies.DBT, GVI 21.002014
Sr. NoName of the InvestigatorTitle of the project and durationFunding AgencyLink to funding agencyAmount sanctioned (in Lakhs)Year
1.Mr. M.V. GiraseEthanobotanical Survey documentation and Rationalization by Scientific way of – —–UGC New Delhi (Minor)
2.Mr. U.V. DeoreDevelopment and Characterization of Natural Materials as a Pharmaceutical ExcipientsUGC New Delhi (Minor)
3.Mr. J. J. LamaleInvestigation of Inflammation mitigating mechanism of bridelia aiya shawiiUGC New Delhi (Minor)
4.Dr. A. U. TatiyaPhysicochemical Analysis of Some Ayruvedic Marketed Formulation Containing Amla or TriphalaVCRMS, NMU 0.502015
5.Dr. M. G.KalaskarComparative Study on the Traditional Shodhana Process for Guggul and Determination of Major Components using HPLCVCRMS, NMU 0.552015
6.Dr. A. U. Tatiya Dr. M.G.KalaskarIdentification, Documentation and Validation of Tribal Medicinal FormulationsRGSTC, NMU 3.002014
7.Dr. A. U.TatiyaRPS: A Study on Qunatitative StandardizationAICTE New Delhi (RPS) https://www.aicte-india.org12.902013
Sr. NoName of the InvestigatorTitle of the project and durationFunding AgencyLink to funding agencyAmount sanctioned (in Lakhs)Year
1.Mr. D. B. PatilIn vitro setting of angiogenesis model for evaluation of phytoconstituentsVCRMS 0.402017
2.Dr. S. N. GoyalTo investigate the therapeutic potential of endocannabinoid ligands in murine model of metabolic syndromeEMR-SERB-DSThttps://www.serbonline.in34.002017
3.Dr.S.N.GoyalEvaluation of the effect of Formononetin in experimental models of microvascular complications in diabetic ratsSERB-DST-NPDFhttps://www.serbonline.in19.202017
4.UB Mahajan/ Dr. S. N. Goyal /Dr. CR PatilExploration of interaction between dopamine in neuropsychiatric disordersECR-SERBhttps://www.serbonline.in32.002016
5.Ms. P.S. TidkePreclinical Evaluation of Some Triterpenoid in Animal Model of Diabetes and Diabetic ComplicationsUGC New Delhi (Minor)
6.Mrs.H.E.ChaudhariEffect of Phototherapy on Neonetal HyperbilirubinamiaUGC New Delhi (Minor)
7.Mr. M.B.GagaraniPharmacological Screening of Some Traditional Herb of North Maharashtra Region for Psychological DisordersUGC New Delhi (Minor)
8.Dr. P.H. PatilEvaluation of Pharmaceutical Care Program for type 2 diabetes mellitus in civil hospital DhuleUGC New Delhi (Minor)
9.Dr. V. G. KuchakeEvaluation of Some clinical efficacy of some antioxidant in diabetic nephropathyUGC New Delhi (Minor)
10.Mr. P. G. JainPre-Clinical Evaluation of Hypolipidemic Activity of Selected Plants from Satpuda Region of MaharashtraVCRMS, NMU 0.402015
11.Dr. V. G. KuchakeEstimation of HbAlC and prevalence of Metabolic syndrome in Hypertensive PatientsVCRMS, NMU 0.622015
12.Dr. P.H. PatilTo Study the Impact of Some Risk Factors on Health of Hypertensive Patients living in Tribal Area ShirpurVCRMS, NMU 0.552015
13.Dr. P. H. PatilPrevalence Awareness and Treatment of Malnutrition among Children in Tribal Area of ShirpurRGSTC, NMU 1.502014
14.Dr. C. R. PatilInnovative Software Control Artificial Animal Mannequins for Replacing live Experimental Animals from Undergraduate Teaching Learning ProcessRGSTC, NMU 1.502014
15.Dr. S. N. GoyalInvestigation of Ghrelin-dopamine interactions in the co-morbidity of lifestyle deseases and neurosychiatric disorders in high fat diet mice.ICMR, New Delhi 32.002014
16.Dr. C. R. PatilAYUSH EMR Project: Anti-Inflammmatory and Anti- Arthritic Homoeopathic Drugs: standardization through Pharmacological Evaluation and Establishment of Mechanisms of ActionAYUSH,
17.Dr. S. N. GoyalPharmacological and molecular approaches to investigate the relationship between PI3K/AKt/GSK-3beta phophorylation and PPAR-gamma in experimental model of myocardial infarction in streptozotocin-induced diabetic ratsDST, New Delhi (YSS) 24.502013
18.Dr. P. H. PatilRPS: Pharmacological and Phytochemical Investigation of casine albens from its ethno medicinal claimsAICTE New Delhi (RPS)https://www.aicte-india.org20.702012
19.Dr. C. R. PatilFDP: Impact of Bioinformatics, Biotechnology and molecular biology on drug discoveryAICTE, New Delhi (FDP)https://www.aicte-india.org7.002012
Sr. NoName of the InvestigatorTitle of the project and durationFunding AgencyLink to funding agencyAmount sanctioned (in Lakhs)Year
1.Dr. V.D. WaghFormulation Development and Evaluation of RUTF based Nutraceutical Formulations for SevereUGC New Delhi (Minor)
2.Mr.A.D.KulkarniDevelopment of Novel Lipid based nano formulation of some bioactive polyphenols for the synergistic prophylactic treatment of cervical cancerUGC New Delhi (Minor)
3.Dr. P. P. NerkarNoninvasive Nanoparticles based buccal drug delivery system for oral cancer treatmentUGC New Delhi (Minor)
4.Mr. R. S. BhaskarDesign Development and Evaluation of Nano particulate Drug Delivery System for Poorly water soluble drugsUGC New Delhi (Minor)
5.Dr.S.S.ChalikwarSoftware Assisted Design, Development, Optimization and Characterization of Lipidic Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery System for Enhancement of bioavailabilityVCRMS, NMU 0.552015
6.Dr. V. D. WaghLocal Medicinal plants based Ready to Use Supplementary Food Formulations and their evaluation to combat child malnutrition.RGSTC, NMU 2.702014
7.Dr. V. D. WaghFDP: Recent Advancement in Herbal Formaulation & Drug Delivery System of Indian System of MedicineAICTE, New Delhi (FDP)https://www.aicte-india.org4.002013
8.Dr. S. S. ChalikwarRPS: Design, Development, and Characterization of Floating Drug Delivery System For Bi-Phasic Release: Estimation of Shelf- LifeAICTE New Delhi (RPS)https://www.aicte-india.org16.002013
9.Dr. V. D. WaghAYUSH: Seminar GrantAYUSH (Seminar Grant) 2.002012